Additions to Search Optimization, Sending Email Notifications, Tracking Notification History, and Anonymous Procedures

Many new features have been recently added to Snowflake. In our next ProTalk, we would like to highlight and review four of them. 

  1. Search Optimization Service Newly Added Abilities
    We will show the new abilities added to the search optimization service that can significantly improve the performance of certain types of lookup and analytical queries that use an extensive set of predicates for filtering support, including: 
  2. Column configuration
  3. Support for substring and regular expression searches
  4. Support for fields in VARIANT, OBJECT, and ARRAY columns
  5. Support for geospatial functions with GEOGRAPHY objects
  6. System Stored Procedure for Sending Email Notifications
    We will review how to use the built-in SYSTEM$SEND_EMAIL() stored procedure to send email notifications by: 
  7. Creating a Notification Integration
  8. Verifying email addresses of Notification Recipients
  9. Granting the privilege to use the Notification Integration
  10. Sending an Email Notification
  11. Information Schema Table Function: NOTIFICATION_HISTORY
    We will review the new table function that can query the history of notifications sent through Snowflake for: 
  12. Notifications from tasks
  13. Notifications from Snowpipe
  14. Email notifications
  15. Anonymous Procedure (One-Time Use)
    This new feature allows for creating and calling an anonymous procedure that is like a stored procedure but is not stored for later use. We will show you how to: 
  16. Create an anonymous procedure defined by parameters in the WITH clause
  17. Call that procedure