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Current ProTalks Include:

  • Configuring Access Controls
  • SCIM
  • PII-PCI-PHI Sensitive Data
  • Micro-Partitions & Loading Really Large Data Sets
  • Streams & Tasks
  • Streaming Data into Snowflake
  • Repurposing ETL
  • Stored Procedures in Snowflake 
  • Using Snowflake's New Advanced Column Level Security 
  • Cross Cloud Replication
  • Tuning Snowflake - Dial it up to 11
  • Logging & Monitoring in Snowflake
  • External & Internal Data Exchange
  • Advanced Access Control & Taking Role-Based Security to the Next Level
  • Geospatial
  • Sandboxes & Data Islands
  • External Functions
  • The Future of ELT & ML Processing of Snowflake
  • System Usage & Billing
  • Finding Sins in Table and Column Performance
  • Complex Data Pipelines
  • Row and Column Level Security 
  • The New World of Tagging
  • The New Stored Procedures
  • Advanced Use of Snowflake Scripting
  • Serverless Data Pipelines Part 1
  • Serverless Data Pipelines Part 2
  • A Candid Discussion on Snowflake Summit
  • Snowpark Stored Procedures for Python
  • Python for Snowpark UDFs & UDTFs
  • Practical Data Governance
  • Four New Features in Snowflake
  • Mastering Access History & Column Lineage
  • Native Python Worksheets
  • Snowflake Summit Summary
  • Visual Studio Code Extension Demystified
  • Mastering Dynamic Tables & Reference Passing - with Sasha Lionheart, Snowflake Sr. Software Engineer
  • Unleash the Potential of External Access in Snowflake
  • Streamlit Data Application in Snowflake

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