The Snowflake Remote Control

Many of us have seen or heard about the Snowflake SQL REST API. We often think of this feature as the remote control for Snowflake, which allows you to monitor and interact with Snowflake remotely via an app on your smartphone, embedded with remote IoT systems, or integrated with existing web service applications.

The Snowflake SQL REST API allows you to remotely:

  • Submit SQL statements for execution
  • Check the status of the execution of a statement
  • Cancel the execution of a statement
  • Fetch query results concurrently
  • Provision users and roles
  • Create and manage Snowflake objects
  • Kick-off jobs or schedule tasks

In this ProTalk, we will explain how to set up, configure, and use the Snowflake SQL REST API, as well as: 

  • Interpret your Snowflake account(s) SQL API endpoints
  • Become versed in the authentication methods, options, and supported languages
  • Execute SQL by submitting a request
  • Handling, tracking, and consuming responses
  • Working with multiple SQL statements in a single request
  • Creating and calling stored procedures
  • Error tracking
  • Canceling a submitted SQL statement